We create, organise and manage the best finance solutions for your business.

Dutch Debt Advisors is a small, independent debt advisory boutique in Amsterdam set up by two former ABN AMRO bankers. We want to be a confidant for your business with a high level of quality and integrity. We seek long-term relationships with our clients and want to be viewed as the long-term advisor to your business.

Why should you choose Dutch Debt Advisors?

Our Network

We have direct access to all traditional international banks and alternative financing options such as insurers, pension funds, mezzanine & debt funds. For the guidance of all financial transactions we have a relevant and up-to-date network of accountants, lawyers and appraisers.

Our Knowledge

We have more than 20 years of relevant experience in the field of relationship management, risk analysis and debt financing in numerous industries. Additionally, we are aware of the latest developments in capital and debt markets, and we keep responding to changes in legislation.

Our Personal Engagement

You will work together with two experienced partners of Dutch Debt Advisors. We look forward to starting a new financing proposal and we will not stop till the most suitable finance option has been determined. Thereafter we will remain actively involved and will look at potential future developments that may have an impact on your financing structure.


The 5 step approach of Dutch Debt Advisors

The 5 step approach of Dutch Debt Advisors

Who do we work for?

We focus on financing proposals for firms with a revenue between EUR 20 mln and EUR 1 bln which require credit between EUR 10 mln and EUR 500 mln. These limitations however are only a guideline. Exceptions to the rule are commonplace.

We work for Dutch and foreign companies that operate in or outside of the Netherlands which have a need for financing. We will introduce your business if deemed necessary to Dutch and/or international financiers.

We work for firms in all industries.

We help with new credit proposals but also with refinancing of existing credit facilities.

How do we work?

We can assist your business when applying for funding.

We can also take a more active role where we take control of the financing project for you. Hereby we act on account of your company.

We facilitate efficient information exchange between firms and (potential) financiers. We have created a secure environment where sensitive information can be stored and exchanged.

We are your sparring partner in your business for new opportunities.


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