The 5-Step Approach of Dutch Debt Advisors

We follow these 5 transparant steps

1. Feasibility Study

In this phase we investigate the feasibility of the financing proposal. We analyse the available corporate information and use a critical banker’s eye to determine the risk profile of the firm. We organise introductory talks with previous agreed upon potential financiers.

2. Indicative Term Sheets

In this phase we create an Information Memorandum for the firm containing an introduction to the firm, analysed financial statements, the credit need and the financing request. We organise management meetings and ask the selected financiers to create indicative term sheets. Once these are received we compare the offers in consultation with the firm and select with which financiers we want to continue with into the next phase.

3. Committed Term Sheets

In this phase one or a selected few remaining financiers will be asked to turn their indicative offer to a committed offer. During this process most financiers will require additional information from the firm. We help co-ordinate this exchange of information. Once the committed term sheets have been received, the offers will be compared together with the firm where after a final decision is made on who will provide financing.

4. Credit Documentation

The agreements made in the committed term sheets will be formulated into a definitive credit agreement. This can be a bilateral agreement between the firm and the financier, however usually it is a sizeable English agreement in accordance with international LMA-standards. We facilitate this process and co-ordinate the negotiations between your own lawyers and that of the financier(s). For the release of funds there are specific requirements that need to be met. We will also guide the firm through this last part of the process with the utmost care.

5. Post Completion After-care & Periodic Follow-up

Between the signing of the definitive credit documents and the credit becoming available the process of implementation takes place. After the funds become available, the firm must keep to the agreements made on information requirements between them and the financier. We can assist with periodical information requests and compliance certificates. Furthermore, we will support the firm during future meetings with the financier.